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I have a box full of almost every teen girl/young women magazine you can think of + some gamepro and whatever else is throw in there, most are at least a couple years old..some older. Anyone want the box?

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My phone has finally died ($5 POS that I dropped too many times), so I am now looking for a new one.

Does anyone have a corded or cordless phone they can get rid of or sell for relatively cheap?

I have $20, but I need a phone soon that isn't a $5 Family Dollar piece of junk.
I love you.

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I am sure that everyone in this community has noticed that gas prices have shot up through the roof--for no reason at all. Prices have shot up a dollar a gallon (13 dollars more for to fill a 13-gallon car ONCE) since last last year.

There is no reason for this, other than the oil companies can. There are four or five companies that own oil refineries here in the United States, and they are able to charge whatever they want for their oil regardless of how much they SHOULD be charging. With four or five oil refineries, there isn't any competition amongst them, so they can charge whatever they feel like.

The oil companies are making ridiculous amounts of money while we lose insane amounts of money by putting gas into our cars. I'm sick of it, and I'm sure you are, too.

That is why I'm proposing one day a month where a significant number of people here in Rochester will boycott buying any form of gas. Just one a day a month--if we can synchronize our gas boycott here in Rochester, the oil companies will be out millions of dollars in just ONE day. That will hurt their wallets, and send them a message.

They can control the prices, but we, the people, can control if and when we purchase their petroleum. I am sick of putting 35 dollars in my tank every week. I am sick of hearing that gas prices keep shooting up. And I am sick of hearing the oil companies claim that they're not being greedy bastards--and then reading that a guy in a suit that owned the company retires with 400 million dollars.

We need to stop being screwed in the ass by oil companies. We need to buy gas for our cars, but we can play a little game with them, too.

I want to designate Monday, May 15th as Rochester's Boycott Gas Day. If you are with me on this, let your family, friends, strangers, whatever--know in a passing conversation what this one day can do to the oil companies. The more people we let in on this, the harder hit the oil companies will be.

I will be putting up flyers in the places that I frequent, with permission, of course, and I will be passing this along via word of mouth as well.

While we can fight gas companies on our own, if we all fight together, we can send these oil companies a clear message.

yaffa blocks to get rid of

I'm trying to get rid of some purple plastic yaffa blocks... ya know, super-cheap college dorm-ish plastic shelving. I've finally got enough storage space for my stuff and want to get rid of these.

The blocks are about one foot cubed, and it's 4 blocks high. they're a pillar, you could take them out so it's shorter but you wouldn't really be able to do anything with the blocks you took out.

if anyone wants them, drop me a line at
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Working computer monitor wanted

The CRT display for my old computer has been dim and pretty unreadable for some time now, but since I hardly use it, it hasn't been a problem. I recently installed Ubuntu onto it, so I've been playing around with it quite a bit more. Consequently, I'd like a new monitor so I don't kill my eyes.

I don't want to shell out a bundle for an LCD for what is basically a hobby computer, and I figure someone in this community probably has an old (but functional) CRT laying around. If you've got one that you wouldn't mind donating to my learn-Linux endeavor, let me know.

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I'm collecting props for my movie and I was wondering if anyone was trying to get rid of any of the following:

-a mattress in any condition, preferably already ratty (but urine free)
-a silver platter
-a foot stool
-anything strange


3 tins

i have 3 small tins, all given to me with cookies or candy in them... And they've just been sitting in my closet for at least a year, so i'm looking to give them away. they're all small, around 6-8 inches in diameter... nice to hold jewelry or coins or anything small that you'd want to keep sitting around. or to make cookies and pawn off on your friends :)

email me at if you are interested.